Buddha Vajrasattva

“On the ultimate level, the body, speech, wisdom, qualities and activities of the Buddhas of the three times are all included in one mandala in Vajrasattva. The mandalas and mantras of all these Buddhas are also included in Vajrasattva. The one hundred deities from the Tibetan Book of the Dead are included in the Five Buddha Families, and those Five Buddha Families are included in Vajrasattva.”  H.E. Ayang Rinpoche

The practice of Vajrasattva, and the recitation of Vajrasattva’s 100-syllable mantra, are common to all Tibetan Buddhist lineages, and are an essential component of the preliminary practices, orNgondro.

Ayang Rinpoche also teaches a more extensive practice, the Outer, Inner, Secret, Innermost Secret and Essence Nature Buddha Vajrasattva. This is a wisdom treasure of Rigdzin Tsewang Norbu, From the Clear Depths of the Heart Sphere of Vajrasattva. It was traditionally not taught in public, and was given only to those who maintained a strict retreat.

This Vajrasattva practice is extraordinarily rich and beautiful, containing highly effective methods to heal ourselves and others, purify negative karma, and enter into the clear light state. Ayang Rinpoche describes this Vajrasattva practice as “a complete path to enlightenment.”

Buddha Vajrasattva
Vajrasattva Mandala Mural