Name 姓名 Amount 金额 Method 方式 Date 日期 Note 备注
many students$cash07/18/2018Did not get enough time to record every single donor's name during the busy teaching in 2018, but all the donations were used for teaching event related expenses and the rest were all wired to India for Rinpoche's multiple projects. Thanks for all the help!
Maria de Fatima Marra$100.00cash07/17/2018Thank you!
Antônio Xavier$100.00cash07/17/2018Thank you!
Anonymous$10.00cashSold a Kha Ta.
Lois$300.00cash07/15/2018Thank you!
NANCY LAI YEE HO$200.00emailThank you!
J*** Anonymous$200.00cashThank you!
Jennifer Chi$500.00paypal06/21/2018Paypal charged $14.80, CAD$485.20; thank you!
Mary Ng$1,000.00paypal06/21/2018Paypal charged USD $37.30, USD $962.70; Thank you!
Zhao Wei$200.00cash05/19/2018Thank you!
Susanne (Vancouver)$500.00cash05/10/2018Thank you!
Yancy Chow & Doris Chow$120.00cheque05/04/2018Thank you!
Kim Ly$250.00cheque04/30/2018Thank you!
Loan Duong$250.00cheque04/30/2018Thank you!
JianHui Xiong$100.00email04/27/2018Thank you!
Xi J. G.$200.00cash04/28/2018Thank you!
R. Zhu$2,000.00cash04/27/2018Donation for help Venue Rental, thank you!
Siping Wang$300.00email04/18/2018Donation for help Venue Rental, thank you!
Linda Liu$500.00email04/16/2018Donation for help Venue Rental, thank you!
Marguerite Lippert$10.00email12/19/2017
Marguerite Lippert$21.00email12/05/2017
Helen Li$40.00email03/03/2017For rental fee of group practice room, thank you!
Loc Nguyen$20.00paypal12/25/2017Paypal charged $0.88
Roy Robinson$120.00paypal06/10/2017Paypal charged $ 4.74

2019捐款清单|Donation Records